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The MODy Collection

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This is a small collection of some of my most favourite music modules (140 in all). Wherever possible, I tried to specify the maker, yet some modules do not carry that information. If your module is among listed, and has no credits, please mail me. Most of the files are MOD modules, though this collection includes some XM and S3M modules as well.

To listen to these modules you need a program such as FastTracker II, an excellent tracker and player! I have also got a program, which would only play MOD-modules available for download (82K). This is an intro by FairLight hacker-group, which can play modules amazingly well. I wrote a shell program for this intro, which would list available MOD-files, and run the intro with a file of your choice. Once you've downloaded this package, uncompress it to the directory, where you have your MOD-files, and run FSP (just ignore the other two EXE's). If you don't have soundcard, no problem! This intro plays well on the internal speaker, giving the same quality as a 16-bit soundcard.

I have rated the modules on the scale 1 through 4, where 1 is best. Take it as a guideline, though you might disagree with me... By the way, make sure you also visit my Music & Movies page, where you can find references to some of my favourite artist, groups, and works...

Please review and download the modules of your liking, using the lists below. At the end of this page you will find some links to other music module sites and a collection of programs you might wish to have.

[MOD] [XM] [S3M] [IT] [Links] [Downloads]

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MOD Modules:

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XM Modules:

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S3M Modules:

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IT Modules:

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Some links to music module and utility sites:
The MOD Archive

Trax In Space

IBM Mod Players Compared!

MazSound Tools

# StartBreeze - The authors of FastTracker II...
+ Modules Page
* Music Modules
(~ Viper's Mod Page)
Players, Trackers & Modules
& Mod4Win - A powerful MOD/XM/S3M/669-payer for Windows.
- MOD Plug

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Things to download:

F a s t T r a c k e rI I
1 2.00313K The program is an excellent tracker and player. It supports a number of sound devices, including PC internal speaker. Ver. 2.04 has several new features (such as CD player) and some bug fixes. Ver. 2.06 added improved SoundBlaster handling, Windows 4.0 support and an additional bug fix, removing bearly hearable clicking sounds during replay. 2.08 adds WAV support and some bug fixes, while 2.09 (not yet officially released by StartBreeze) features even more bug fixes.
Beginning with ver. 2.04 an S3M loader bug was fixed. This bug prevented large S3M modules from loading the instumets. I still perfere ver. 2.00, and only use ver. 2.04 if I have to handle S3M modules, since both 2.04 and 2.06 has worse internal speaker replay - too much noise, which is not true with 2.00. I must say that an external player which follows ver. 2.04 gives an excellent replay on internal speaker (or any other device) and has random play capabilities.
1 2.04340K
2 2.06333K
2 2.08280K
? 2.09283K
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